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Ted Johnson is a prominent criminal defense attorney in Atlanta, Georgia that has handled over 100 murder cases in his career.

In 1996 he started his law firm and entered into private practice. He still resides in the Atlanta area.


Faces I Have Seen, A Memoir of Murder Volumes I and II ( Amazon, Barnes and Noble; are a must read if you’re in to the behind the scenes, real life crime stories told form Ted’s  unique no-holds barred perspective.  See how Ted balances his life and the life of his clients charged with the murder of a child, wife, friend, lover or stranger.  Presently, Faces I Have Seen, A Memoir of Murder is being shopped as an episodic television series for a late 2013 early 2014 release.​


The first play “Sunday Worshiper” A Morality Play opened to excellent reviews in Atlanta and Indianapolis, Indiana.  People left the theatre with stunned looks on their faces as Ted was able to touch many people with this well crafted story of a dysfunctional family loosely based on the biblical story of Noah.  Sunday Worshiper, A Morality Play is scheduled to tour the U.S in 2013 and Europe as early as 2014.

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